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The PanqueBox has a story
I have always been a travel enthusiast who found his heart and soul exploring unknown places and meeting new, exciting people. During a trip to South America I I realized that the only thing I did not like about traveling was indeed the chaotic state inside my backpack. 

It was in preparation for that trip that I thought about creating a smart solution to organize my personal belongings in the backpack. Without knowing it yet the idea of PanqueBox was born. My friends immediately encouraged me to go after it –– and I haven’t look back since.


Back in Berlin I started developing and designing and step by step PanqueBox came to life. As a truly international metropole the German capital was also a big part of the inspiration for a product which set out to make traveling more convenient and fun. Once the concept was finalized, my team and I started working day and night on developing the product and we fully dedicated ourselves to every little detail to ensure that our PanqueBox provides utmost value and comfort to our customers.

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