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Pack to the future.

Let’s face it: Packing is the second most awful experience after, obviously, unpacking. Or at least it used to be – because now it is time to leave all of that behind: PanqueBox is the handy box that makes all your packing worries disappear.

It is a smart packing system that does an incredible job of simplifying your traveling experience by organizing all your personal belongings. Whether you’re going on a business trip, a weekend getaway with your friends or on holidays with the whole family – from now on our packing cubes make sure packing and unpacking is part of the fun.

Divide and conquer.

Say goodbye to pre-packing and post-packing clutter in your room. PanqueBox is a dream-come-true solution for all messy packers out there, comfortably organizing your luggage the way you want to.

You can choose from three different sizes so everything ends up packed exactly the way you want it to be. By the way: Through extensive testing we made sure our PanqueBox is compatible with almost all common travel bags and suitcases out there, allowing you to easily divide up their space and conquer your packing experience.


Who said order was boring?

Thanks to our colorful packing system, you pack and unpack your luggage in a quick, effortless and stress-free way. Being able to choose from eight different colors not only adds to the fun, but lets you set up your own system and enables you to identify your belongings even faster.

The smart integration of a transparent window lets you even have a look inside your PanqueBox without opening it.

Treat yourself. And your clothes.

We designed our PanqueBox with a focus on durability, elegance, comfort and functionality. So apart from keeping your belongings in order and looking good doing so, it is also easy to handle and protects your clothes from spills and wrinkles.




For material girls (and boys).

One of our main priorities is to ensure the durability of our products. PanqueBox is manufactured from high quality materials: The water-proof fabric provides a flexible square model that provides increased strength and simplifies packing and the use of a water-resistant zipper allows for smooth and straight forward opening and closing.

We love our product. And we are convinced that you will be convinced – that’s why we always grant a 30 day trial period. 

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